The Ya'Sou Story

On February 7, 1945, the Greek-American families of John Genadopoulos, and Adamantios “Tommy” and Mary Genadopoulos Balasis purchased the  A. P. Wood Grocery, Though the store was renamed the West Virginia Grocery, the name A. P. Wood is etched in beautiful stained glass over the door at the present day Ya’sou Restaurant.
From that time until the Flood on July 8, 2001, the family kept the grocery in operation. A second major flood hit the town again less than ten months later within days of the business being reopened.

Having suffered a major setback, we were determined to move forward and reopen the business.

Having my own restaurant was a lifelong dream, and on February 7, 2003, with the help of my mother Mary Balasis, my brothers John and Mathew, my husband Jimmy Joe and my son Adam, and my mother-in-law Mary Verduce Gianato, that dream became a reality with the opening of Ya’sou Restaurant.

I am very proud of the success that I have achieved thus far. I offer home cooked meals, daily specials and Greek cuisine along with many sandwich choices. Most of the recipes I use have been handed down to me from my mother and my grandmother. My love for the restaurant business came from my first “job” at the Virginian Restaurant in Pearisburg, Virginia working under the guiding hands of — in my opinion — two of the best chefs ever, and certainly two of the greatest uncles and mentors, Mike and George Genadopoulos. It was my days in the Virginian that made me realize I would someday like to become a great chef. I am striv­ing for this every day.

This has allowed me to meet many wonderful people who have stopped in along their way as well as many local regular folks who come in and make my day complete.

Everyone that comes here — even one time — becomes part of the labyrinth of my life and will always be part of the memories here. I want my guests to feel at home and comfortable when they are here and if you have any concerns or requests, please feel free to ask.